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Mata Kuliah Sarjana (S-1):

Subjects Brief Description
TIN211 Teknik Tata Cara Kerja Industrial Work Methods and Design
This course introduces studies on work methods and work measurements systems, including principles of motion study, work simplification and work measurement, human and environmental factors in the work system, ergonomy and determination of standard time
TIN212 Pengembangan Sumber Daya Manusia Human Resource Development
This course discusses various aspects in human resource development (HRD) including strategy, empowerment, motivation, team building; and important functions in development including compensation, training, and industrial relations
TIN213 Dasar Teknik Pengendalian Sistem Industri Introduction to Industrial System Control Techniques
This course provides the basis for calculating the control of industrial systems, including an introduction and illustrations of control systems, introduction to control theory, functions, introduction to mathematical discrete, deferential and integral, and the Laplace transform and its applications in control and optimization of industrial processes and management
TIN310 Tata Letak dan Penanganan Bahan Plant Layout and Material Handling
This course is designed to give the students a comprehensive understanding and skill in the design and integration of plant layout and material handling. It will cover the factors, method and techniques in facility location, selection and managing of material handling equipment
TIN311 Penelitian Operasional Operation Research
Operations research is a very important area of study, which tracks its roots to business applications. It combines the three broad disciplines of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Business Applications. This course will formally develop the ideas of developing, analyzing, and validating mathematical models for decision problems, and their systematic solution. The course will involve programming and mathematical analysis
TIN312 Perencanaan dan Pengendalian Persediaan Production Planning and Inventory Control
This course is designed to give the students a comprehensive understanding and skill in the production system. It will cover the factors, techniques and method of forecasting, production planning, master scheduling, production/job scheduling, and control of deterministic and stochastic inventory systems, material requirement planning and enterprise resource planning
TIN316 Analisis Sistem dan Pengambilan Keputusan System Analysis and Decision Making
System analysis and decision making discuss system approaches and decision technique, performance index based on decision, decision matrix and pay off table, decision tree, Bayesian decision, exponential comparison technique, quality function deployment, decision tree, voting system, decision analysis, Analytic Hierarchy Process, Information System and Decision Support Systems (DSS) development
TIN470 Perencanaan dan Proyek Industri Project and Industrial Planning
Introduction to the basic and principle of project and industrial planning covering engineering and technology application to develop a business activity or project plan in developing agroindustry. Management technique, planning, scheduling, controlling, project evaluation, process or operation planning used to analyze the translating technology based idea into reality
TIN471 Valuasi dan Komersialisasi Teknologi Valuation and Commercialization of Technology
Knowledge of valuation and pricing technology in order to commercialize product technology in competition. Type of technique and principle in market, commercialization strategy, product development, supply chain management technology, e-business strategy and internet marketing are discussed